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A decade ago, Orkut was Google’s first master stroke in the world of internet. This website changed the virtual world completely. It taught the world how to interact with each other around the globe in a totally new experience never ever witnessed before. In certain terms it brought the concept of “social networking”.


All thanks to the tech savvy brainy guys working behind the screen as developers to connect the world through Orkut. Well, it was a way of life for many. Especially in Brazil & India this website has revolutionized the way in which people see internet.


Over the past decades YouTube, Blogger & Google+ have taken over it, leaving Orkut with very little space to flourish. With Orkut’s close counterpart Facebook leading the market globally both in terms of users and social networking, it leaves Orkut with no place to expand.

orkut (1)Orkut brought with it the concept of scraps, photo likes, scrap shares and a handsome way of expressing thoughts by communities in a totally new world. Come 30th September 2014, and this world will not exist thereafter for Google is pulling off Orkut social networking site services from the internet.101800642-orkut.530x298It was pride that Orkut was part of our lives. I can feel the pangs of separation for the website I loved the most in my growing years and in teens. There are some memories that stay with us forever, hearts may break but we will always find each other in our memories. Our old chum, Orkut will stay with us and after all, she taught us love.

First love is always special !!