The subject of removal of the Governors of some state by the change of guard at the Centre is far to go into the cold storage. With the new Modi government firing the Governors one by one, this step has got mixed responses from all citizens. The UPA party is describing it as an unethical step. But probably this party is getting taste of its own medicine.



Till date Governors of five states have already resigned. MK Narayanan of West Bengal, BL Joshi of Uttar Pradesh, Shekhar Dutt of Chhattisgarh, Ashwani Kumar of Nagaland and BV Wanchoo of Goa. With HR Bhardwaj of Karnataka and Devanand Konwar of Tripura ended up recently.

It seems that BJP has forgotten the Supreme Court judgment in the year 2010 stating that “Governors cannot be removed if there is a change of guard at the Centre & if the ideologies of the Governor are not in sync with the Government at the Centre”. However this judgment made an exception that “Governor can be removed by making a case citing reasons against him which may involve bribery or corruption”.


The Governor is appointed by the President of India on the advice of the Council of Ministers for a period of five years. However Governor can be removed by the advice of the Prime Minister to the President on grounds of violation of the Constitution.

BJP is all doing this unofficially. It is the Home Secretary Anil Goswami, who is asking to resign, on behalf of the Government. Surprisingly this all is done over phone which is unconstitutional. Government is now going against its party’s leader’s statement “it’s a big blow to democracy”, by using bureaucracy against constitution.


When the UPA Government took the office in 2004, it fired many Governors appointed by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajapyee. To this decision the opposition party BJP called this step as unethical. Mr. Vajpayee even mocked this subject saying that “it’s a big blow to democracy”. But down the timeline ten years hence after coming to power BJP Government has forgot that the party stood against it in the year 2004. However it is evident that from Mr. Vajpayee to Mr. Modi, it has been ten years now and the generation has changed quite a lot in these years. But has the party’s ideology changed as well?

Previous few Governments had called for controversy by firing the Governors of the state. BJP could have avoided this controversy by waiting for the term of few Governors to end and replacing them with their suitable candidates.  It has certainly missed a golden opportunity to call it “a government with a difference.”