Frankly I’m not a writer who is good at writing blogs keeping political affairs as the backdrop. It’s just that being a responsible citizen I thought to come up with the article like this one. This article basically focuses on the strategy Aam Aadmi Party is adopting to lure voters and make it big at Delhi.

As India is gearing up for the Lok Sabha polls it’s a fun for all to watch the political parties take dig over one another. Well this article is focused on the newborn “Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)” and its statistics to churn a good number of seats to make it big.

The Delhi Drama


Few months ago when AAP was formed under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal, little did anyone know that this newbie will make it to the Delhi’s CM chair. It took everybody by surprise that AAP overthrew the reign of Congress spanning 15 years in Delhi.

There was a strong fan following for AAP when it won the Delhi elections, well it was BJP who won, but it was AAP that formed the government. After few months of summoning as the new CM for Delhi Arvind Kejriwal resigned from his post. He did this because Jan Lokpal Bill was not tabled in the Secretariat. This showed the merits of Arvind Kejriwal, that neither he nor his party is hungry for the power. But this was taken in a wrong way among people as well as media. Had they not resigned the same day when the Lokpal Bill was rejected, the matter could have been different. This evoked people turning against the ideologies of AAP. Being in power this party not only had the responsibility to ask the citizens seeking the withdrawal of government but also whether they should stay for the time being.

The Uttar Pradesh League


Uttar Pradesh has 70 Lok Sabha seats, hence this state a big game changer. For this particular state can form the government or demolish the government by withdrawing support. Hence this state has been centre of politics and a big battle ground for all political parties. AAP has fielded close to 400 candidates from several constituencies across India. Hence is not a surprise when Arvind Kejriwal has filled his nominations from the holy city, Varanasi for his Lok Sabha seat.

Varanasi & Amethi

Once a bustling tourist city, today these places are seeing the clash of the titans. With AAP eagerly wanting the defeat of the biggies i.e. BJP & Congress from these seats, it will be a must watch game. AAP has a simple notion that “success will be meaningless for BJP if it wins all over India and looses at Varanasi, the place where Narendra Modi has filled the nominations”. Same with Congress at Amethi where Congress has fielded Rahul Gandhi as party’s candidate.

Explaining the above three parameters I hope that it is convincing enough what AAP is thinking on the big day of polls. Statistically speaking, this party will come up with flying colours. But to ensure that it forms the government at Delhi, the party has still a long way to go in getting things right at the holy land of Uttar Pradesh.