I feel that in this contemporary urban life we have lost the time to talk to ourselves or our partners. After anticipating it and hearing about it for years, here I am with my new outing- A Walk In The Solitude. Sit back relaxed, as I take a count on peaceful places I have personally visited across cosmopolitans like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Marine Drive, Mumbai


Marine Drive, there is so much about this place that evokes and arouses the philosopher, the day dreamer and above all the writer in you, that I simply could not put this place at the end, hence first.

One gets mesmerized by it’s heavenly breeze that caresse the hairs and the amazing view of the horizon. Perhaps everyone deserves someone like Marine Drive, someone who can make you feel free, someone who can make you forget everything for a while, someone who won’t walk away, would always be there, would always stay, for you.

Here you will find a lot of couples with their public displays of affection, group of friends clicking pictures, old couples sitting and talking, kids jumping around and people like me, sitting and smiling, enjoying the breeze, the freedom, the feeling that can’t be put in words.

Bandra Bandstand, Mumbai


Located amidst one of the busiest locations in Mumbai, this is a heaven to the people seeking solitude. Bandra-Worli Sea Link, well built architecture and a modern piece of human work adds to the beauty of this place. To catch a glimpse of the residence of few renowned celebrities, just adds to excitement of this place.

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata


This is one of the most beautiful monuments in Kolkata. One can just keep on looking at it and stare at it’s breathtaking beauty and architecture. Take a walk all across the sprawling lawns with your loved ones or look inside at the museum, it has something for everyone. Also this is located at the heart of Kolkata, which means this will be part of many trips around this place.

Purana Qila, Delhi


This old fort is a hidden gem. Contains some nice detail work in stone marble. Walking on top of the old fortifications gives an idea of what Delhi was in those time. The old mosque with it’s underground chambers and corridor is worth a thorough visit. For people seeking peace of mind, this is one stop destination.

Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad

img_6408.jpg w=593&h=395The park on top is a nice place for an evening. Lush greenery and a nice view of the lake from the top makes it count to this list. However this park is in a bad state and needs serious maintenance work. There is another view of the lake, from the road which goes just opposite to Inorbit Mall entrance. The view from above is beautiful and one can spot beautiful birds flying all across. This is surely a good place in the IT hub Hyderabad for a quick escape.

Well at last it’s not the places that makes the difference, it’s a time you spend in peace with yourself or your loved ones, that marks the difference. So take a moment off from your busy schedule to discover joys of life. Cheers !!