Hello World

This part is meant for brief introduction to my blog. But I will use this to post acknowledgement as well.
I have created this blog to share how I see the world. Every place I visit is a getaway journey and not a destination. So sit back with me, be a child, allow yourself to be amazed. Disconnect yourself from all stuffs and read my blogs as I discover diffrent places from the North India to the South India. Life is literally a joyride.
On this high note I would like to appreciate contribution of my dear friend Namrata, for helping me in writing a blog. I was a typical guy who was a bit apprehensive in penning down one. Finally she convinced me that “blogging teaches us to be presentable and respect the viewpoints of others. Blogging can create a much more disciplined India.”
Thanks Namrata to make a lazy lad like me to sit in laptop and type a blog. For me this is huge.

visit her at namratakumari.blogspot.in