Get ready to rub your noses with the South Indian people in the city, known as IT capital of India- Bangalore. To be in this modern Indian city is no simple commute. It’s just the beginning of an exciting journey.

The Start: Bangalore City

Well, I arrived in Bangalore from Belgaum, a small industrial city located in northern Karnataka. I had a train to catch the same evening to Delhi, so this gives me a day to roam. I booked my luggage in the Cloak room at Bangalore City Junction. Coming out of the railway station feels like a royality in itself as the cab drivers are the ones who make you feel so. I guess, it’s the only place where a person is treated with utmost respect by these drivers. Somehow I managed to make my way out through the crowd and took the subway to cross the road. Here I was now infront of KBS (Majestic Bus Stand), biggest bus stand I have ever seen. But first I had to locate my bus terminal and bus number to reach Lalbagh. I tried to enquire from a few people but they were in a mad rush and my attempt went in vain. Now, to ask a bus conductor was my best bet. After trying to explain one bus conductor for a about a minute or so, I finally found he didn’t understand Hindi. He pointed to a rickety bus. Finally I boarded the old vintage bus.

Vidhan Soudha


While on my way I found a large megastructure. Taking a close look I learnt that it was “Vidhan Soudha”, the legislative building of Karnataka. It is largest legislative-cum-office building in the country. No other state boasts of such a dynamic structure. “Government Work is God’s Work“, adored the main entrance of the building giving a glance for what it is.

Cubbon Park


While passing through MG Road to Brigade Road in my same rickety bus, I came across sprawling green park located amidst the city.This place is reach in flora & fauna and the botanical asset adds to the beauty of the garden. One can notice couples flocking all around and this park had their due privacy.

Lal Bagh


Finally I got off the bus in Lal Bagh. This is a place that will take you close to the  nature. Spread over an area of 240 acres and made by Tipu Sultan it is the lung to  the city. I stared at an old Electronic Clock in the garden made by HMT. This park  has a rose garden where one can find all the species of roses available worldwide. This place gave me insight the love people of Bangalore have for nature.

Visvesvaraya Technological Museum


My next stop was this science museum. If you are inquisitive about the engineering marvels of the world, this is a place to be! This museum inspires people from all age group. Being a Mechanical Engineer, I found this a treasure trove  machines and artifacts. “All for machines & machines for all”.

Orion Mall


By now I was starving like anything. I had to get something to eat. Thanks to my  cab driver who dropped me at Orion Mall quickly. I stuffed two Mac Aloo Tikki  burger, what one calls ‘sasta and tikaau‘.
Orion mall is one stop destination for shopaholics. The lake just behind the mall  is an added attraction. As I was left with less time I had a final place to visit.


iskcon temple s

I quickly rushed to nearby ISKCON Temple. My visit well payed off. This Temple is a world of beauty and colours. If one has to ring off the day with blessings, this is the place for you. After seeing all the riches of the city donot miss this oppurtunity to go back to the spiritual world.

This city has a lot of hidden treasures which needs to be explored. Bangalore city dons many hats.

Finally I boarded my train bound to Delhi. While seeing the sunset standing at the door of the train gave a perfect picturestique curtains down of a beautiful day.