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jOBS movie poster large malaysia

Biopic has always tasted popularity in Hollywood movies and several film-makers are attempting movies based on real life personalities. The last one I saw was ‘The Social Network’ based on the life of the man behind the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. But only handful of films sprint that extra mile beyond providing meager entertainment to its spectators. Jobs is one of such cinematic experience.


Jobs chronicles the life of American techy Steve Jobs, founder of the Apple which stands as most valuable company in the world. It only takes one person to start a revolution. The extraordinary story of Steve Jobs, the original innovator and ground-breaking entrepreneur who let nothing stand in the way of greatness. This film tells the epic and turbulent story of Jobs as he blazed a trail that changed technology – and the world – forever.


The opening reels of the movie show Ashton Kutcher addressing the audience in a press conference where he introduces the world with the iPod. He goes further to explain the device as “what it represents is as important as what it is. It is a tool for the heart and when you can touch someone’s heart – that’s limitless. It’s a thousand songs in your pocket”. He further explains people that music is something which touches our heart and yet there is no market leader for the music gadgets. Well, these inspirational dialogues delivered early in the movie are enough to get one hooked in their seats. But the movie has a lot more to tell than just delivering the inspirational quotes. The film then takes you back in time when Jobs was still in his college days. Eventually one thing leads to another and he had to quit his education.


The supremely talented director Joshua Michael Stern and the proficient actor Ashton Kutcher amass the varied occurrences from the life of Jobs, although the focus is clearly on the documentation of Steve Jobs illustrious career, his uphill struggle, impediments, apprehensions and eventual triumph. There’s no deny that the director of this biopic has an ear for superior inspirational quotes imbedded with acute precision as a jeweler does to pearls in a thread.


On the whole, JOBS is sure a winner all the way. It is a movie which has won accolades, admiration, respect and esteem, besides emerging as champ.

Giving it a standing ovation!


Orkut – My First Love


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A decade ago, Orkut was Google’s first master stroke in the world of internet. This website changed the virtual world completely. It taught the world how to interact with each other around the globe in a totally new experience never ever witnessed before. In certain terms it brought the concept of “social networking”.


All thanks to the tech savvy brainy guys working behind the screen as developers to connect the world through Orkut. Well, it was a way of life for many. Especially in Brazil & India this website has revolutionized the way in which people see internet.


Over the past decades YouTube, Blogger & Google+ have taken over it, leaving Orkut with very little space to flourish. With Orkut’s close counterpart Facebook leading the market globally both in terms of users and social networking, it leaves Orkut with no place to expand.

orkut (1)Orkut brought with it the concept of scraps, photo likes, scrap shares and a handsome way of expressing thoughts by communities in a totally new world. Come 30th September 2014, and this world will not exist thereafter for Google is pulling off Orkut social networking site services from the internet.101800642-orkut.530x298It was pride that Orkut was part of our lives. I can feel the pangs of separation for the website I loved the most in my growing years and in teens. There are some memories that stay with us forever, hearts may break but we will always find each other in our memories. Our old chum, Orkut will stay with us and after all, she taught us love.

First love is always special !!

Firing the Governors


The subject of removal of the Governors of some state by the change of guard at the Centre is far to go into the cold storage. With the new Modi government firing the Governors one by one, this step has got mixed responses from all citizens. The UPA party is describing it as an unethical step. But probably this party is getting taste of its own medicine.



Till date Governors of five states have already resigned. MK Narayanan of West Bengal, BL Joshi of Uttar Pradesh, Shekhar Dutt of Chhattisgarh, Ashwani Kumar of Nagaland and BV Wanchoo of Goa. With HR Bhardwaj of Karnataka and Devanand Konwar of Tripura ended up recently.

It seems that BJP has forgotten the Supreme Court judgment in the year 2010 stating that “Governors cannot be removed if there is a change of guard at the Centre & if the ideologies of the Governor are not in sync with the Government at the Centre”. However this judgment made an exception that “Governor can be removed by making a case citing reasons against him which may involve bribery or corruption”.


The Governor is appointed by the President of India on the advice of the Council of Ministers for a period of five years. However Governor can be removed by the advice of the Prime Minister to the President on grounds of violation of the Constitution.

BJP is all doing this unofficially. It is the Home Secretary Anil Goswami, who is asking to resign, on behalf of the Government. Surprisingly this all is done over phone which is unconstitutional. Government is now going against its party’s leader’s statement “it’s a big blow to democracy”, by using bureaucracy against constitution.


When the UPA Government took the office in 2004, it fired many Governors appointed by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajapyee. To this decision the opposition party BJP called this step as unethical. Mr. Vajpayee even mocked this subject saying that “it’s a big blow to democracy”. But down the timeline ten years hence after coming to power BJP Government has forgot that the party stood against it in the year 2004. However it is evident that from Mr. Vajpayee to Mr. Modi, it has been ten years now and the generation has changed quite a lot in these years. But has the party’s ideology changed as well?

Previous few Governments had called for controversy by firing the Governors of the state. BJP could have avoided this controversy by waiting for the term of few Governors to end and replacing them with their suitable candidates.  It has certainly missed a golden opportunity to call it “a government with a difference.”

To Ambassador with Love






Sitting on one of the old wooden benches across the road one evening I was enjoying the sunset. With new cars zooming past me, I noticed how the car segment has evolved over the years in India. With the cool breezes that evening acting as catalyst, I soon found my mind taken back into the timeline of the era of Ambassador Cars ruling the Great Indian Roads.


Cruising in as an Ambassador



Down the memory line it was just one car that I could recall which had status symbol while plying on roads. It was none other than Ambassador. For some it was a status symbol, for some it was swadesi car and for few like me it was family car. As a kid rose in late 20th century I had a lot of memories with this car. I was remembering that how we used to rent an Ambassador car to go out to meet our relatives on various occasions. It served as a popular picnic car many a times. This was the only car in which I desired to sit in the rear seat. I used to cozy myself in the extra cushioned sofa rear seat of the car. I remember how I used to fight for a front sit and used to stare at each and every number plate of vehicles which passed nearby figuring out the state to which the vehicles belong. Sitting in the front seat of the Ambassador, I felt like a navigator. In certain terms this was India’s reply to the west’s luxury car segments ranging from Mercedes, Buggati, Ford, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari (well to name a few).

Ambassador was a part of many jokes when I was in schooling days. Some called this car as fatso and obese vehicle. To some this car seemed to be a pregnant woman, all thanks to its oval shape from the sides. I have never seen such a car which has multi tasking capability. This car has a huge storage capacity for anything and everything. I wondered how this car can accommodate luggage’s enough for each and every member of the family. It had a big dicky capacity which can swallow anything you feed in. At times I had seen people using this car to carry luggages when there was no facility of pickup trucks in India. This car was true multipurpose vehicle in every aspect. I remember how we used to sit packed with a little more than eight people in this car. Yet it had space to accommodate a person who wants to join the trip in the eleventh hour. I sometimes wondered that this car came with a salient feature to shrink and expand itself according to the need.

Sarkari Icon (lal-batti)


This car had won the status of ‘vehicle for officials’ in Indian roads. I had never seen any Indian minister or a diplomat not having a white Ambassador car parked outside his house. This was an official car given to them during the time of their tenure in the office. A white or black Ambassador car with a lal-batti mounted on it was like a matter of pride for anyone who sat inside it. When this car with lal-batti used to pass the streets, people used to look at it with utmost respect as this meant high official vehicle. I remember how my family member used to say “it’s an honor to have a white official Ambassador car with red light above it, parked just outside a home”. This car was also more of a status symbol in the society than a car for masses. The funny thing about this car is that this was the only vehicle which could be repaired by any village mechanic. I bet, every mechanic in the country must had a hand on this vehicle.

In Popular Culture



Bollywood movies dating back to 50 years and hence had featured this car repeatedly. I remember the Hero-Villain chases in every movie had an Ambassador sequence. In golden era for typical Bollywood movies this car had been part of certain stunts to die for. Even now this car is popularly used as cabs in certain cities of India. It provides a joy ride to travelers.


I came across the news early this week that management of Ambassador Cars has put a stop on the only company’s plant in West Bengal. This car was finding it tough for retaining itself competing with its contemporary counter parts. This puts an end to an era of mighty road show for this car. A chapter of Indian car industry has finally ended. It’s a dawn of the revolution on Indian roads laying the pavement for new technologies to embrace it. Be it a white car for common people, a lal-baati car for diplomats or car draped in black-yellow colour of the taxis…….


Ambassador was a form of life, a way of life, a toast of life.

Indian Tourism: A Great Investment Option


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This article deals with the much talked about 100% FDI which the Govt sanctioned in their last Union Budget for tourism sector. First let’s take a look what FDI is all about.

Foreign Direct Investment (abbreviated as FDI) means, direct investment into production or business in a country by an individual or company of another country. Here we talk about FDI in tourism sector in India.

Over the past decade Tourism sector has increased significantly in India, all thanks to the flagship program by Ministry of Tourism’s “Incredible India” campaign. In the year 2005 itself, tourism saw a 16% increase contributing to 5.3% of Indian GDP. Indian Tourism industry is estimated to be around US $32 billion industry here. With this amount increasing to manifolds year by year it’s wise to understand the types of tourism in India.

Some key tourism sectors in which India can get its economy right is listed below.

Medical Toursim:


India has evolved as a destination for medical aids. With Indian hospitals offering medical services at a competitive low rates than the West attracts a lot of people seeking help for their ailment from all across the places, especially Indian subcontinent.

Spiritual Tourism:

sunset yoga

India is known for the varied cultures and diversity. People from all across the globe come here in large number to seek spiritual peace. With India having a number of pilgrimage places and shrines Spiritual tourism plays money churner in Indian Economics.

Rural Tourism:


The only way people of rural areas can be benefitted is by rural tourism. India has a huge potential of handicraft industry across all states. With Rajasthan alone totaling INR 4 million Handicraft exports in 2009, it clearly indicates what good this rural tourism can make to Indian Economics.

Adventure Tourism:


India is blessed with some of the most thrilling and adventurous places on Earth. Paradise for Mountaineers is Himalayas in the North. Coral reefs of Andaman are treating down the south. Goa is a major place to have sea adventures. The opportunities are immense here.



According to World Health Organization there is an increase of 5% yearly, it represents 6% of the GDP and 11.4% of all consumer spending.

There are certain things which have made India a hotspot among foreign investors. The attitude of Indian Govt throwing open its arms for a 100% FDI is going to be a game changer here. In the year 2010 Govt had sanctioned INR 1,000 crore to Depart of Tourism. The days are not far when we would see chains of hospitality majors like Hilton, Accor, Marriot putting a large amount in India.

With this potential World Tourism Organization correctly stated that “India will be a leader in tourism industry of South Asia with 8.9 million arrivals by 2020”.

Road to Delhi leads via Uttar Pradesh



Frankly I’m not a writer who is good at writing blogs keeping political affairs as the backdrop. It’s just that being a responsible citizen I thought to come up with the article like this one. This article basically focuses on the strategy Aam Aadmi Party is adopting to lure voters and make it big at Delhi.

As India is gearing up for the Lok Sabha polls it’s a fun for all to watch the political parties take dig over one another. Well this article is focused on the newborn “Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)” and its statistics to churn a good number of seats to make it big.

The Delhi Drama


Few months ago when AAP was formed under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal, little did anyone know that this newbie will make it to the Delhi’s CM chair. It took everybody by surprise that AAP overthrew the reign of Congress spanning 15 years in Delhi.

There was a strong fan following for AAP when it won the Delhi elections, well it was BJP who won, but it was AAP that formed the government. After few months of summoning as the new CM for Delhi Arvind Kejriwal resigned from his post. He did this because Jan Lokpal Bill was not tabled in the Secretariat. This showed the merits of Arvind Kejriwal, that neither he nor his party is hungry for the power. But this was taken in a wrong way among people as well as media. Had they not resigned the same day when the Lokpal Bill was rejected, the matter could have been different. This evoked people turning against the ideologies of AAP. Being in power this party not only had the responsibility to ask the citizens seeking the withdrawal of government but also whether they should stay for the time being.

The Uttar Pradesh League


Uttar Pradesh has 70 Lok Sabha seats, hence this state a big game changer. For this particular state can form the government or demolish the government by withdrawing support. Hence this state has been centre of politics and a big battle ground for all political parties. AAP has fielded close to 400 candidates from several constituencies across India. Hence is not a surprise when Arvind Kejriwal has filled his nominations from the holy city, Varanasi for his Lok Sabha seat.

Varanasi & Amethi

Once a bustling tourist city, today these places are seeing the clash of the titans. With AAP eagerly wanting the defeat of the biggies i.e. BJP & Congress from these seats, it will be a must watch game. AAP has a simple notion that “success will be meaningless for BJP if it wins all over India and looses at Varanasi, the place where Narendra Modi has filled the nominations”. Same with Congress at Amethi where Congress has fielded Rahul Gandhi as party’s candidate.

Explaining the above three parameters I hope that it is convincing enough what AAP is thinking on the big day of polls. Statistically speaking, this party will come up with flying colours. But to ensure that it forms the government at Delhi, the party has still a long way to go in getting things right at the holy land of Uttar Pradesh.

The Alchemist



the_alchemistI got this book as a gift on my birthday last month. This book is written by Paulo Coelho. It’s a magical story of a shepherd boy who dreams of travelling the world to seek the most wonderful treasures know to man. From his home in Spain he travels a long way to Pyramids where a fateful encounter with the alchemist awaits him.

This book describes the journey of a shepherd Santiago and how he strived hard to achieve his treasure of life. Being a shepherd he is happy and well contended from what he has in his life. His parents wanted him to be a priest someday. They educated him so that he takes this holy job and preach the world with the holy teachings of the Bible. But, Santiago had something else in his mind, or probably life had something else for him. One fine day he expressed his desire of wandering places and seeing new things to his father. Upon hearing this, father suggested him to become a shepherd, as this was the only way he can achieve what he wants. For the first time I learnt how a person can be happy in his life by just being a shepherd.

The story takes a twist when one night the boy had a dream while sleeping in an old church. He dreamt of a treasure near the Pyramids. It was just a dream and the boy didn’t pay heed to it. But this dream came once again the following night. He went to a gypsy in the nearby village to understand his dream. His attempt went in vain. He sat thinking hard about his dream near a complex square in the city, just where he bumped into an old man. The old man introduced himself as an old king and suggested the boy to follow his dream to find the treasure at Pyramids. He not only guided the boy how to cross the dessert but also filled him with positive spirit saying “If you want to achieve something then the world conspires to make it done”. When leaving, the king gifted the boy with Urim and Thummim, two precious stones.

The boy then sells his sheep, makes some money for his journey and sets off. He soon finds himself cheated by a thief. Left with no money to continue his travel he is forced to work in a crystal shop. Over there he does a good business and the sales of crystals increased and so did his income. There came a time when the boy could have returned to his homeland Spain and live a lavish life with the money he had saved. But he decides to continue his journey to the Pyramids. On his way he meets many people the Englishman, Alchemist, or…well, it’s a long list. But the path was written in the omens, and there was no way he could go wrong.

When a reader reads the book he takes it easy that when the boy reaches the Pyramids he will find the treasure. Well it’s not the physical treasure the author is talking about. It’s the language of the world he tries to explain. For example when the boy grazes his sheep in the fields, the sheep doesn’t understand his language. But they never question the direction where their master is taking them. This means they have a belief in their master. However Santiago does find his physical treasure as well.

Coelho has a fascinating storytelling, with the mixture of spirituality, magical realism and folklore. These ingredients make The Alchemist a compelling read. It delights and surprises the reader as the journey transverses from fields of Spain to the dessert of Sahara.

Coelho’s books have life-enhancing impact on millions of people, so true!!

Feeling inspired? Discover more about the world of Paulo Coelho. Visit his official international website


A Walk In The Solitude



I feel that in this contemporary urban life we have lost the time to talk to ourselves or our partners. After anticipating it and hearing about it for years, here I am with my new outing- A Walk In The Solitude. Sit back relaxed, as I take a count on peaceful places I have personally visited across cosmopolitans like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Marine Drive, Mumbai


Marine Drive, there is so much about this place that evokes and arouses the philosopher, the day dreamer and above all the writer in you, that I simply could not put this place at the end, hence first.

One gets mesmerized by it’s heavenly breeze that caresse the hairs and the amazing view of the horizon. Perhaps everyone deserves someone like Marine Drive, someone who can make you feel free, someone who can make you forget everything for a while, someone who won’t walk away, would always be there, would always stay, for you.

Here you will find a lot of couples with their public displays of affection, group of friends clicking pictures, old couples sitting and talking, kids jumping around and people like me, sitting and smiling, enjoying the breeze, the freedom, the feeling that can’t be put in words.

Bandra Bandstand, Mumbai


Located amidst one of the busiest locations in Mumbai, this is a heaven to the people seeking solitude. Bandra-Worli Sea Link, well built architecture and a modern piece of human work adds to the beauty of this place. To catch a glimpse of the residence of few renowned celebrities, just adds to excitement of this place.

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata


This is one of the most beautiful monuments in Kolkata. One can just keep on looking at it and stare at it’s breathtaking beauty and architecture. Take a walk all across the sprawling lawns with your loved ones or look inside at the museum, it has something for everyone. Also this is located at the heart of Kolkata, which means this will be part of many trips around this place.

Purana Qila, Delhi


This old fort is a hidden gem. Contains some nice detail work in stone marble. Walking on top of the old fortifications gives an idea of what Delhi was in those time. The old mosque with it’s underground chambers and corridor is worth a thorough visit. For people seeking peace of mind, this is one stop destination.

Durgam Cheruvu, Hyderabad

img_6408.jpg w=593&h=395The park on top is a nice place for an evening. Lush greenery and a nice view of the lake from the top makes it count to this list. However this park is in a bad state and needs serious maintenance work. There is another view of the lake, from the road which goes just opposite to Inorbit Mall entrance. The view from above is beautiful and one can spot beautiful birds flying all across. This is surely a good place in the IT hub Hyderabad for a quick escape.

Well at last it’s not the places that makes the difference, it’s a time you spend in peace with yourself or your loved ones, that marks the difference. So take a moment off from your busy schedule to discover joys of life. Cheers !!

Bangalore – City That Dons Many Hats



Get ready to rub your noses with the South Indian people in the city, known as IT capital of India- Bangalore. To be in this modern Indian city is no simple commute. It’s just the beginning of an exciting journey.

The Start: Bangalore City

Well, I arrived in Bangalore from Belgaum, a small industrial city located in northern Karnataka. I had a train to catch the same evening to Delhi, so this gives me a day to roam. I booked my luggage in the Cloak room at Bangalore City Junction. Coming out of the railway station feels like a royality in itself as the cab drivers are the ones who make you feel so. I guess, it’s the only place where a person is treated with utmost respect by these drivers. Somehow I managed to make my way out through the crowd and took the subway to cross the road. Here I was now infront of KBS (Majestic Bus Stand), biggest bus stand I have ever seen. But first I had to locate my bus terminal and bus number to reach Lalbagh. I tried to enquire from a few people but they were in a mad rush and my attempt went in vain. Now, to ask a bus conductor was my best bet. After trying to explain one bus conductor for a about a minute or so, I finally found he didn’t understand Hindi. He pointed to a rickety bus. Finally I boarded the old vintage bus.

Vidhan Soudha


While on my way I found a large megastructure. Taking a close look I learnt that it was “Vidhan Soudha”, the legislative building of Karnataka. It is largest legislative-cum-office building in the country. No other state boasts of such a dynamic structure. “Government Work is God’s Work“, adored the main entrance of the building giving a glance for what it is.

Cubbon Park


While passing through MG Road to Brigade Road in my same rickety bus, I came across sprawling green park located amidst the city.This place is reach in flora & fauna and the botanical asset adds to the beauty of the garden. One can notice couples flocking all around and this park had their due privacy.

Lal Bagh


Finally I got off the bus in Lal Bagh. This is a place that will take you close to the  nature. Spread over an area of 240 acres and made by Tipu Sultan it is the lung to  the city. I stared at an old Electronic Clock in the garden made by HMT. This park  has a rose garden where one can find all the species of roses available worldwide. This place gave me insight the love people of Bangalore have for nature.

Visvesvaraya Technological Museum


My next stop was this science museum. If you are inquisitive about the engineering marvels of the world, this is a place to be! This museum inspires people from all age group. Being a Mechanical Engineer, I found this a treasure trove  machines and artifacts. “All for machines & machines for all”.

Orion Mall


By now I was starving like anything. I had to get something to eat. Thanks to my  cab driver who dropped me at Orion Mall quickly. I stuffed two Mac Aloo Tikki  burger, what one calls ‘sasta and tikaau‘.
Orion mall is one stop destination for shopaholics. The lake just behind the mall  is an added attraction. As I was left with less time I had a final place to visit.


iskcon temple s

I quickly rushed to nearby ISKCON Temple. My visit well payed off. This Temple is a world of beauty and colours. If one has to ring off the day with blessings, this is the place for you. After seeing all the riches of the city donot miss this oppurtunity to go back to the spiritual world.

This city has a lot of hidden treasures which needs to be explored. Bangalore city dons many hats.

Finally I boarded my train bound to Delhi. While seeing the sunset standing at the door of the train gave a perfect picturestique curtains down of a beautiful day.


Hello World

This part is meant for brief introduction to my blog. But I will use this to post acknowledgement as well.
I have created this blog to share how I see the world. Every place I visit is a getaway journey and not a destination. So sit back with me, be a child, allow yourself to be amazed. Disconnect yourself from all stuffs and read my blogs as I discover diffrent places from the North India to the South India. Life is literally a joyride.
On this high note I would like to appreciate contribution of my dear friend Namrata, for helping me in writing a blog. I was a typical guy who was a bit apprehensive in penning down one. Finally she convinced me that “blogging teaches us to be presentable and respect the viewpoints of others. Blogging can create a much more disciplined India.”
Thanks Namrata to make a lazy lad like me to sit in laptop and type a blog. For me this is huge.

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